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My new breast friends

Miss Zumstein’s bakery spoils me!
Wow. Where does the time go?? I haven’t really had any downtime to write since my last surgery, apologies! I had my final surgery on January 31st. It was a race against my insurance lapsing and we pulled it off at the last possible second! Whew!!! Once again my surgeries went smoothly and I healed quickly. Getting the silicone implants in & my Fallopian tubes out was an absolute walk in the park compared to the double mastectomy. I didn’t take so much as a tylonel and I was (cautiously) on a boat and admiring the Portland Light Festival at OMSI just 3 days after surgery. I think my body was just really used to healing at that point and went to work quickly. Having the best plastic surgeon ever (Dr. Zegzula) didn’t hurt matters either.

Pink fizzy wine, this amazing cake and fun office decor still can’t really express my gratitude for my doctor!!
The feeling of getting those engorged expanders out and having actual breast shaped implants put in was amazing. Chest expanders push you to the limits of comfort, both physically and emotionally. Being the open book that I am I was down to share my appearance with people throughout the process. When I would have my friends look at and feel my chest expanders they always had a look of uncomfortable shock at the sight of them. I’m so glad to say that those days were temporary and that they are over now! To be honest I did expect to feel somewhat altered and never quite myself again after this. It’s a huge procedure. That’s not my experience at all. I feel so comfortable and so much like myself… but dare I say… perkier!? My pre-op breast size was 27D. During my recent fitting at Nordstrom’s I was shocked to discover that they are a 30DDD. They really don’t look that big and I think my frame carries and balances them nicely. I was a 32DD before ever being pregnant so I’m just closer to my original size and it doesn’t look unnatural at all. A recent shopping experience to seek out a bikini that won’t leave me with any nip-slip incidents at the beach. This shows the proportions of my new breasts well. They sound big, they are big but they don’t look plastic or ridiculous.

My mind is blown at how far this procedure has come since my grandmother’s unfortunate and tragic experience with her double mastectomy. I am so thankful for the progression of science and the progression of women’s rights….to be allowed to discuss my breasts with all of you without judgment.              

 I can’t even believe this experience is over and went so incredibly well. As you can tell it was a wild ride. My implants still need to settle into their final resting spot but that will take a few more months. This collage shows my pre-op breasts, my immediate post mastectomy beasts, then my chest expanders, them fully expanded and marked for surgery. My breasts right after the final surgery and then my breasts today. I kept my nipples, hence the roses. Wouldn’t want to arouse and or offend anyone on my mastectomy blog. (Eye roll so hard)

As for my Fallopian tubes- that was a quick procedure to recover from as well, I just felt crampy for a few days and had neck and shoulder pain, which is common. They went in through my belly button and got them out and my risk of ovarian cancer is drastically reduced… (as is my risk of pregnancy WHOO HOO!!)                                  I would do this all over again. It’s been a wild ride and I’m just so happy this chapter in life is over and I can live a long, happy and healthy life with my beautiful family. 

Seriously, they’re the very best. I couldn’t have done this without them by my side. They showered me with love and support. I feel like the luckiest person alive. Alive and well thanks to my amazing team of doctors, friends and family. This experience has truly been a huge blessing. Thank you everyone! xoxo