Monthly Archives: December 2016

Onward and Upward in the Journey 

There hasn’t been too much to report on my mastectomy adventures as of late. I had been in a groove of getting my weekly expansions but I had my last saline injection two weeks ago! It feels like a huge relief and a big part of the journey accomplished. My expanders are at 390ccs and I will be getting size 410 silicon implants put in in February. I am so excited to heal in the meantime and I am looking forward to trading these rocks in my chest for some luxurious fluffy pillows! This surgery In February will be a piece of cake compared to the mastectomy. No drain tubes, no overnight stay… I’ll be getting my Fallopian tubes removed as well to eliminate my ovarian cancer risks. I will then get to live a completely healthy and worry free life! Sometime, down the road, during the year that I was supposed to receive my cancer diagnosis, I will just be chilling on a beach with Matt and Tim somewhere, completely worry free! This genetic testing is like looking into a crystal ball. I feel so proud of my choice and so happy with this journey. Endless boobie love and support from my amazing friends has made for really smooth healing.

Huge, unexpected and unpredictable changes happened in my career during my recovery as well. The bad news: Exactly one week after my procedure, the spa I was working at completely exploded. There was a natural gas leak. Thankfully no one was hurt. The building was a total loss however. I decided to put it at the back of my mind and not worry about what in the world I will do after recovery for work. I focused my energy on healing instead. Dosha Northwest. I’m so glad my Dosha family is safe & sound. 

The good news: During my weekly visits to the plastic surgeon’s to begin my breast reconstruction I just always felt so welcomed and that everyone was naturally and genuinely so kind and caring. One day during a routine fill I was asked if I would like to work at the office as their aesthetician. To say that this was an incredible gift and a blessing is an understatement. I had no idea how I was going to return to work, knowing that I had an upcoming surgery and would need more time off. I didn’t even have to explain my situation to them, they have been with me every step of the way and they will be the ones performing my next surgery. It couldn’t be any easier. I had my first day of work with them last week and it went really well. (Aside from a minor fainting incident… they had me in bed, shoes off and a juice box in my hand in seconds it seemed! I am in very good hands, my coworkers are the best) A minor hiccup and funny story mostly, the rest of the week of work has gone without incident. It feels great to be back into my groove. I really love my job. Healing comes naturally to me and I love getting to share that special energy with my clients. My boob journey has been pretty amazing. They are clearly psychic as saved me from an explosion and they gave me the opportunity for this new and exciting direction in my career. I can’t wait to see what my magic boobs have in store for me next. I’m just along for the ride.

This is the view from outside of the Portland Plastic Surgery Group building. It’s amazing.I would absolutely love to be your skin care specialist. We can work together to achieve all of your skincare goals. You can schedule a consultation with me at the Portland Plastic Surgery Group number: 503.292.9200 xoxo