My breast friends

The past few months have been filled to the brim with doctor visits, figuring out insurance stuff and general preparations for my preventative double mastectomy. This is typical of anyone about to under go a major surgery but it’s all just very clinical feeling and definitely a vibe killer at times. In the midst of all that and working full time I decided that I needed to throw a party for my boobs to make all of this feel lighter. To celebrate their awesomeness and to say goodbye to them surrounded by my breast friends. 

(Invitation painted with Love by my pal!)
Honestly, party planning was the perfect distraction for me to not obsess over my surgery. I am in great hands with my doctors and I just had to let go of the worry and focus on all things pink, glittery and boobified for a bit. And I did. For me there is nothing like craft therapy. Making decorations and games was the perfect thing to keep me from having idle hands. Idle hands initially led to some mega scary google searches on mastectomies. Seriously just never google doctor stuff! What was I thinking? 

Finding time was hard so I did a lot of my crafting at work in between clients. Case in point: 

 My coworkers got very used to coming in and seeing boobs in various forms in my room. We’re all estheticians and massage therapists… we see a lot more than boobs on a daily basis. We are not easily fazed as a general rule. Even when I do things like this…

I put a titty twist on some games and had people give me some great ideas like Bra Pong. Super fun & right up my alley. My friends even had a “Boob Memory” card game to play.

And my amazing friend built me a boobie shaped piñata that I stuffed with pink, silly and some inappropriate things.

And there were some incredible snacks. When Anja at Miss Zumstein’s heard about my mastectomy she offered to make the boobie cake. 

It was seriously so perfect and cute that no one wanted to cut it. However it was pink champagne cake so I gave into my urges and ohhhh yeah. It was amazing. 

Did you know that cotton candy dissolves in champagne, turns it pink and is delicious? We had fun cheersing my boobs off. 

Seriously, anything that can be turned into a boob will be turned into a boob around me and my friends. 

“Silicone” Jell-O shots anyone?
It was an amazing night filled with so much fun. I was just amazed at everyone’s support and encouragement. I have the best friends in the world. I feel so loved and lucky! I’m not in this alone! 

Who could ever possibly feel bad around these amazing people? I love you all. (And I love my friends and family who couldn’t make it, due to life being life. I felt all of your love too, don’t you worry!)
As if that wasn’t enough I also have the most amazing husband that anyone could ever even possibly imagine. He believes in me so much that I actually feel stronger and more brave and ready to take on anything. He is going to have to take care of me beyond ways I can even imagine yet. I won’t even be able to open the fridge on my own for a while. He is my rock, my foundation and my inspiration. Honestly our family, he/my son/myself is the whole reason I want to get this mastectomy. I love them so much that I would do anything in the entire world that it takes to be here and living life with them. My son is proud of my choice and thinks I’m very brave. *Puffs up chest and puts on brave face*

My surgery is in less than two weeks. With no more boob party distractions it’s time to prepare for this thing head on! The party was my last hoorah in indulging in champagne and jungle juice! It’s time to exercise and eat right and get my body strong and healthy for surgery which means working out everything except for my chest. The weaker the muscle is, the easier it will be for them to insert the saline bag behind my pectoral wall. I have to avoid foods like chia, turmeric, fish oil and aspirins as well because they make the blood flow so well. Which is great except for in the case of surgery. 

The countdown begins. I’ll keep you all posted on this wild ride. Feel free to send me all your good energy. I am gladly accepting all that comes my way. ❤️❤️

Bonus picture: me the next morning.My friends immediately and graciously offered to have the boobie party in their beautiful home. I remembered to pack pajamas, but I did not remember to pack shoes that weren’t high heels. The fur coat really ties the look together. You’re welcome. 


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