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Our Wedding in the Woods

It was a no-brainer for Tim & I to get married in the woods. Sure, there are many gorgeous venues out there but nothing can compare to the beautiful woods we have in Oregon.  

  We planned on eloping but as the day approached, we realized that we actually wanted to share this beautiful day with some of our closest friends and family. Being the amazing people they are, they were super on board with being there for us.

  I asked my father to get ordained, that way he could be our officiant and legally marry us. I didn’t want a stranger doing something so important. He quickly agreed and was down to hike into the woods and marry us. He did not care that he had been battling with his own health issues for years. He had recently been removed from his feeding tube and was ready to take on the woods. When he arrived to Portland I was surprised to see him walking with a cane. Turns out, he fell down some stairs and broke 6 of his ribs a few nights before, but didn’t tell me because he “wouldn’t let anything stop him from being here.” That’s my dad. 


  Our friends were so on top of everything, sprinkling flower petals on the ground, getting the music and the blue-tooth speaker connected and keeping the booze flowing. Best moral support team ever!


     Seriously. It was all perfect. The day went flawlessly. My dad walked me down the rose-petal-covered hiking-trail-aisle to “Myth” by Beach House. Tim and I wrote our own vows to read, Matt jumped up and down excitedly during the entire time we were sharing our vows…ugh it was really cute. We then exchanged rings with each other and Matt, kissed and popped the champagne!!   



  Then we ran through our “Just Married” banner that Matt & Eden colored for us. 

  Miss Zumstein’s made our wedding cake. It’s seriously so beyond perfect. They totally went way above and beyond for us. Those trees, those mountains. The flowers! The slice of wood it was on… Perfection. Did I mention it was salted chocolate & caramel?? Seriously dreamy.

What’s a bride left to do but pop on her jacket and party in the name of love!! I had way to much fun with sequins and glitter glue, let me tell you.  

   I also made my own bouquet. 




  Tim and I have known for a while that we wanted to get married. There was not a second of nervousness or doubt for either of us. We were just beyond thrilled to dedicate the rest of our lives to each other.  We are the luckiest people in the world. 
     You may have noticed by now that our wedding pictures are amazing!! Right?? Tim and I were lucky enough to have the amazing Ali Bonomo as our photographer and she couldn’t have been more fun and perfect and talented. I feel very fortunate to have had the best day of my life captured and translated in her artistic vision.