Monthly Archives: March 2016

Our handmade wedding ring adventure

Look at these perfect circles we brought into existence! We decided that it would be a bit more sacred & fun to make our wedding rings by hand and pour our own good energy into the bands. Not that we are skilled metal smiths. We had actually never done anything like this. Rebecca Melton to the rescue, owner of Melton Metals and an instructor at the Multnomah Arts Center. I contacted her and told her my idea and she was beyond enthusiastic to help us.  

  Here is how our rings began. A few modest pieces of rose gold, silver, and gold.  

  Matthew loved heating up the gold with fire. We decided to have Matthew join us to make himself a wedding band as well, to signify our unity as a team and to remind him that we’re all in this together and it’s his special day too.  

   He was also a fan of hitting the metal to shape it. Fire torches? Hitting stuff with fancy mallets? Yeah. He was into it. 
  It was such a great experience making something so special with someone so special. I loved watching how carefully and meticulously Tim worked on his ring.  

    I’m so proud of our creations! 
  Handmade rings derserve a handmade display until our wedding day. This is what the ring bearer will hold at the ceremony. The crystals are continuing to put nothing but good vibes into our ring. It’s hard to wait. Like a kid on Christmas waiting to open up a gift I just want to wear my ring now! 



Wahclella Falls

Today we continued on with our mission to find our wedding location. We’ve checked out a few places in the gorge, only to be sprayed in the face by waterfalls and teetering on narrow ledges. Which is definitely fun but not the stuff wedding locations are made of. Today we stumbled upon our spot at the gorgeous location of Wahclella Falls.  
Matthew was super enchanted by the waterfall at the beginning of the trail.

The whole hike was a mossy green and shaggy adventure.

  Gentlemen, we have arrived.  Okay. Being here and seeing the place where we are going to get married is so cool! It makes it feel more real to be physically present and visualize the day. I’m officially ridiculously excited.